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Your PayFlex debit card is coming soon
If you enrolled in a Health Care or Limited Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for 2016, we’ll send you a PayFlex debit card in a plain white envelope. This is for security reasons. You should receive it by January 15, 2016. You can use your card to pay for eligible health care expenses incurred on or after January 1, 2016. “Incurred” means you received the service or product. For more information, refer to the FAQs.

Payflex Customer Service
Click on the links below to learn more about Health Savings Accounts! You can view educational materials, forms, eligible expense items and frequently asked questions. These tools are available before logging in.
Please do NOT attempt to “REGISTER NOW” and create an account. Once enrolled, you can revisit the site after January 1, 2014 to register and login to your account.

PayFlex makes managing your account easy!
Click here to watch a video of the online features available to you.

Now you can take your FSA, HSA or HRA account with you wherever you go. The PayFlex Mobile app is available for iPhone®, BlackBerry® and Android™ smartphones.

PayFlex Mobile™ keeps you connected anytime, anywhere

Easy access to account activity

PayFlex Mobile provides real-time access to account balances, claims processed and transaction details for your FSA, HSA or HRA accounts.

Account alerts

You won’t miss an important message again! PayFlex Mobile notifies you of a change in your account status and when action is needed on your account.

Submit a claim anytime, anywhere

Take paperless to the next level with PayFlex Mobile, which allows you to submit a claim on the go. Using your phone, simply choose the expense type, the date and amount of your expense and attach your's that easy!

Substantiate your card transactions

PayFlex Mobile makes submitting your PayFlex Card® receipts effortless. If you receive a request to verify a purchase made with your PayFlex Card®, use your phone's camera to take a picture of your receipt and upload it right from your device.

Benefit plan details

PayFlex Mobile allows you to access health plan information and a listing of eligible expenses to make informed decisions on the spot.

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